Having the right skillset in today’s dynamic world of information technology gives you and your customers an edge on the competition. Ingram Micro training offers a wide variety of vendor training courses including IBM, Cisco, Juniper, VMware and more. You will learn from industry experts as well as your global peers on the latest technologies including Big Data, Cloud, Security, Networking and Mobility.

With Ingram Micro Training, we understand your time is valuable. We have created programs and unique delivery methods that offer:

  • Choice – Choose from a broad catalog of courses in your region that meet your objectives and ensure your success.

  • Flexibility – Ingram Micro Training offers Flexible Integrated Training (FIT), a blended learning model that combines expert-led training and mentoring with cloud-based training and labs with a time investment of only two hours per day.

  • Community – Learning never ends. As an Ingram Micro learner, you’ll have access to a community of experts and peers through social media and events all designed to extend your network to knowledge.

Ingram Micro has a unique set of training offerings as follows.

Instructor-Led Online (ILO) Courses

With instructor-led online (ILO) courses, students are offered a similar experience to live classroom training, with the convenience of having it delivered directly to their desktop. This is ideal for upgrade training or training globally dispersed audiences.  Additionally, ILO provide customers with:

  • Savings on travel costs and travel time.

  • Full access to hands-on exercises to reinforce learning.

  • Interactions with an instructor in real-time to ask questions or clarify material.

  • Access to the same high-quality content as the classroom version of the course.

  • Flexibility to connect from almost anywhere.

  • The option to gather a team from multiple locations in the same training course. You can offer any ILT class in the ILO format.

Self-Paced Courses

Self-paced offerings provide a convenient and cost-effective way to reach a large or globally diverse end-user community. We offer self-paced offerings in Web-based training (WBT) and self-paced virtual class (SPVC) formats.

Web Based Training (WBT) Courses

WBTs are modularly designed with a blend of multimedia, interactive labs, and assessments that are scored. Courses are available by download or on CD-ROM, and can be installed to your local machine, on a LAN or intranet, or on a Learning Management System (LMS) web server. The IBM Learner Portal offers a hosted solution, where customers will receive a login upon purchase, will log into a WBT online, take the course and receive a certificate of completion.


Recordings or vignettes are multimedia instructor-delivered presentations and product demonstrations. These offerings are useful as short tutorials on in-depth topics, knowledge refreshers, and new features training.

Self-Paced Virtual Classes (SPVC)

SPVC’s are identical in training content to the instructor-led training classes except that customers can learn at their own pace. Using a training manual and virtual lab environment, SPVC learners read the training content and work through the demos and workshops on their own. This is ideally suited for people who prefer to learn on their own, at their own pace or are in a geographic location that makes ILT courses impractical.

For any queries or for more information, please email us at IBMTraining.za@ingrammicro.com



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Why Ingram Micro Training?

  • Affordable, vendor-authorized certification training

  • Live online, real labs, live instructors

  • Earn considerable margins by adding training to your end user solutions

  • Resell to your technical end clients

  • Training available across the Middle East and Africa


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